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from conans import ConanFile, CMake, tools
class LogginghConan(ConanFile):
name = "logging.h"
version = "0.0.2"
license = "LICENSE.txt"
author = "Arwed Mett"
url = ""
description = "A very simple logging library which provides colored output."
topics = ("logging")
settings = "os", "compiler", "build_type", "arch"
options = {"shared": [True, False]}
default_options = {"shared": False}
generators = "cmake"
def source(self):"git clone")
def build(self):
cmake = CMake(self)
def package(self):
self.copy("*.h", dst="include/logging", src="logging.h")
self.copy("*logging.h.lib", dst="lib", keep_path=False)
self.copy("*.dll", dst="bin", keep_path=False)
self.copy("*.so", dst="lib", keep_path=False)
self.copy("*.dylib", dst="lib", keep_path=False)
self.copy("*.a", dst="lib", keep_path=False)
def package_info(self):
self.cpp_info.libs = ["logging.h"]